Workforce Development and Training

New Mexico Junior College

Lea County is served by New Mexico Junior College (NMJC). NMJC’s divisions of Careers & Technology and Training & Outreach provides workforce training programs throughout the county. Workforce development is provided through technical degree programs, customized training, and continuing education.

The NMJC Careers and Technology division offers opportunities for learning vocational skills in a variety of business and vocational-technical fields. Degree programs provide technical knowledge as well as extensive practical hands-on skill developing experiences for students. Since the division’s inception, Careers and Technology has offered quality vocational training for students. These programs give the students options, which include certificate programs (nine and eleven months) and associate degree programs (two years). Course requirements are carefully designed to provide entry level skills for the student wishing to terminate training at the certificate or associate degree level. Additionally, students planning to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at the university level may expect strong transferability of NMJC course credits.

The use of vocational advisory committees composed of representatives from business, education, and industry is an important factor in the planning, implementation, and operation of each Careers and Technology program. Advisory committees help to ensure that skills taught in the classroom are relevant to the occupation and meet current entry level skill expectations of business and industry. The quality of instruction is excellent. Professors possess many years of experience and training in their respective fields as well as extensive teacher education preparation. Training equipment and laboratories are comparable or surpass current business and industry standards.

In addition to technical degree programs, another opportunity for workforce development is through New Mexico Junior College’s customized training programs. In this circumstance, a training consultant will work with clients to pinpoint what type of training(s) an organization, company, or corporation needs. Training can be offered at the workplace or at the NMJC Training & Outreach Facility. Training sessions are customized to fit the client’s budget, location, curriculum, and schedule. A variety of instructors, consultants, and industry leaders contract with the college to provide excellent training. NMJC has developed customized training programs to provide instruction to the nuclear industry, oilfield companies, city governments, multi-national corporations, and locally-owned small businesses.

Lastly, workforce training is available through continuing education courses. Whether you are a supervisor, team leader, associate, specialist, or considering applying for an advanced position, NMJC has the courses and the affordability to help individuals to successfully achieve their goals. From half day sessions to multi-day events, each course provides quality certificate-based training to keep students up-to-date with business methods, technologies, & self-promotion. Special guest speakers, seminars, and online training are also available to assist those pursuing career advancement or wishing to achieve special compliance certifications.

New Mexico Junior College Training and Outreach

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Hobbs, New Mexico 88240

The training and outreach program provides many customized trainings including but not limited to:

ISO9000/14000 Training Programs

New Mexico Junior College, working with the New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (New Mexico MEP), provides high value, affordable solutions to help businesses increase profitability. The engineers and certified staff leverage resources in the public and private sectors and help businesses in a variety of sectors identify areas of improvement and streamline processes, ultimately increasing their profitability and competitiveness.

Helping manufacturers to be more profitable, New Mexico Junior College and New Mexico MEP helps creates partnerships through resources provided by the New Mexico Economic Development Department, United States’ Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program as well as through Sandia National Laboratories Small Business Assistance Program and the Technical Vocational Institute Workforce Training Center.

Providing high value and affordable solutions for manufacturing challenges, NMJC/MEP offers the following services: Business Planning and Enterprise Development; Lean Manufacturing and Process Improvement; Supply Chain Integration; ISO9000/14000; Technology Transfer and Commercialization; Workforce Development; Plant Layout; Information Technology Management and International Business Development. The services are provided through workshops and on-site training/analysis projects.

Offering both public and private workshops, NMJC/MEP’s staff helps the company’s key staff understand the principals of Lean Manufacturing. In a live simulation, New Mexico MEP’s experts will guide businesses through the transition from a traditional to a Lean Manufacturing environment by eliminating waste and increasing productivity, thus enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Incorporating the latest manufacturing and management technologies, New Mexico MEP supports their client businesses to become more competitive in the global market. From start-up businesses wanting to move ideas from paper to proven products or an existing, fully-integrated manufacturer wanting to diversify its product line or improve productivity, New Mexico MEP provides personalized hands-on assistance.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Education Programs

The Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) is a recognized leader in championing worker safety and health as the OSHA Training Institutes Southwest Education Center. This center serves Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Whether in the southwestern United States or across the globe, TEEX is relied on for excellent training and technical expertise of its nearly 1,000 employees, many of whom are top experts in their respective fields.

TEEX instructors have real world experience covering virtually every safety related occupation. These OSHA trainers average 17 years in job-site, safety-related occupations and 12 years in industry-specific hazard recognition, evaluation, and control methods. Last year, TEEX trainers trained more than 204,000 people from all 50 states and 54 different countries. This staggering figure places TEEX above the federal OSHA Training Institute as well as the next two OSHA regional education centers combined in terms of students trained. TEEX also leads the nation in offering OSHA safety classes in Spanish and training bilingual instructors who reach out to Spanish-speaking workers and small business owners.

In addition, the TEEX Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) professional certificate program is proving beneficial to the hundreds who have completed the required courses and earned CSHO status. This program, originally offered exclusively for safety and health professionals in construction and general industry, has been expanded to include career tracks in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical, Aviation, and Emergency Response. This certification is recognized by several national agencies and organizations.

New Mexico Junior College is a partner with TEEX on two levels. TEEX receives a grant from the federal government, through the Department of Labor, that allows them to offer certain and specific classes at no cost to the student. NMJC entered into a partnership with TEEX to be a host site for these free courses

Secondly, NMJC entered into another agreement with TEEX, whereby the institution would be a host site for open enrollment courses. These courses are not free of charge. Students contact TEEX directly to register for open enrollment courses. NMJC has ranked in the top 2 of drawing students into the grant courses. Therefore, with NMJC offering a variety of courses typically not offered through the grant program, individuals from all over the southwest are coming to the NMJC campus to attend these classes.

In conclusion, by collaborating with TEEX, NMJC has gained a “foot in the door” with companies the institution might not otherwise have had. As Training & Outreach staff open every TEEX course, both grant and open enrollment, this has provided training opportunities with several companies. This makes local, regional, and national companies aware of the facilities that NMJC has in addition to the quality of service and diversified programs the institution is able to provide and create for their specific industry and business.