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With the influx of new industry and business development to the region and a population that continues to increase, it is an exciting time to do business in Lea County. Hobbs was cited by Forbes as one of the fastest growing small communities in the nation with a population that has increased by over 19% since the 2000 Census. The County as a whole has grown by nearly 17%. This rapid growth has created an opportunity for the immediate development of housing units and new retail projects in every community in Lea County.

In addition to the current demand for housing, there is a significant need for additional housing units to support planned future industrial development. The Economic Development Corporation of Lea County (EDCLC) has successfully attracted several new industries to locate in this area that will create over 850 direct jobs and more than 1,000 indirect jobs by 2015. One of our initiatives is to encourage housing developers and contractors to invest in projects in Lea County.

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