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    Approximately 1.2 gigawatts of utility electricity are generated in the EnergyPlex, and we're poised to generate and export substantially more. Residents are accustomed to power production using locally produced fuel sources. They embrace renewables, and they strongly support nuclear power.

  • EDC


    With great land availability and an entrepreneurial spirit, Lea County and agriculture make great partners and continue to grow and evolve with changing economic climates.

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    With millions of dollars worth of projects slated for Lea County, Construction plays a vital role in community growth and development. Continued growth creates an increased demand for the Construction industry within the community and offers expansion opportunities for the future.

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    Transportation & Warehousing

    From oil and gas to supplementary activities such as water and sand to local delivery and national transportation services, transportation and warehousing flourishes in Lea County where there is an ever-growing demand.

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    Retail continues to grow in Lea County, from small businesses to national chains who view the community as constantly growing and a great place to expand their footprint.

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    Accommodations & Food Service

    One of the largest industries in Lea County, Accommodations and Food make up a significant portion of the workforce and provides service for many other industries in the community.