Private Equity


Gathering of Angels

The Gathering of Angels is a monthly forum where companies present their product or service offerings to accredited angel investors, venture capitalists and investment bankers.

New Mexico Angels

The New Mexico Angels (NMA) is an intermediary between member venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. NMA is not a venture fund, but a vehicle through which members may negotiate the terms of and directly invest in New Mexico-based, early-stage and seed companies.


Altira Group

Altira Group invests in transformative, growth technology companies spanning the value chains of both traditional and alternative energy industries – from source to resource.

ARCH Venture Partners

ARCH Venture Partners invests in the development of seed and early-stage technology companies that have the potential to grow rapidly into successful businesses.

Blue Sage Capital

Blue Sage Capital invests in proven, growing, small middle-market companies that have the potential to become market leaders.

Cottonwood Technology Group

Cottonwood Technology Group provides venture services and capital to technology-transfer opportunities having strong commercial potential.

Epic Ventures

Epic Ventures actively invests in early-stage, high-technology companies across all sectors in the western United States.

Flywheel Ventures

Flywheel Ventures provides seed- and early-stage venture capital to entrepreneurs in information technology and the physical sciences.


Invencor, with its International Venture Fund, invests in capital-efficient, high-technology, high-growth companies located in emerging markets.

ITU Ventures

ITU Ventures serves technology businesses emerging from the nation’s leading universities, research institutions and corporations.

Mesa Capital Partners

Mesa Capital Partners is an early-stage private equity firm that invests in high–potential small businesses in industries and geographic areas underserved by other capital providers.

New Mexico Community Capital

New Mexico Community Capital provides equity capital and business-growth services to qualifying businesses throughout New Mexico, particularly in under-invested areas.

New Mexico Investment Council Private Equity Investment Program

The New Mexico State Investment Council (SIC) may make equity and debt investments directly in New Mexico businesses, the mechanism of which is the New Mexico Co-Investment Partnership, a New Mexico private equity fund managed by Sun Mountain Capital. The SIC’s direct investments in New Mexico companies may represent no more than 51 percent of the investment capital in a business and must be made in conjunction with one or more qualified co-investors. Investments in qualified New Mexico companies range from $1 million to $20 million. 7-27-5.15 NMSA 1978

New Mexico Small Business Investment Corporation

Created by the Legislature in 2000, the New Mexico Small Business Investment Corporation provides equity and loans directly to small businesses in New Mexico. In every instance, the investment should be identified by a financial professional, like a bank, alternative lender or equity fund that has a financial stake in the proposed investment. 58-29-4 NMSA 1978

Red River Ventures

Red River Ventures is a private-equity fund that actively invests in growth companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing and technology.

Sun Mountain Capital

Sun Mountain Capital provides investment-fund advisory services for public and private entities, in addition to managing direct-investment funds. Sun Mountain Capital manages and is general partner of the state’s private equity fund.

Technology Funding Inc.

Technology Funding Inc. makes direct venture-capital investments in startup companies.

Verge Fund

Verge Fund is a venture-capital fund that invests in seed-stage, high-technology, high-growth ventures in New Mexico, focusing on opportunities at the earliest stages of development.